Frequently Asked Questions

We have chosen to bypass the restrictions of the Insurance system model in order to provide holistic natural medical care to our patients. If you need a superbill to file with your insurance this can be arranged and labs and imaging may be covered by your insurance. You are welcome to pay for appointment with an HSA debit card.

This is individualized based your specific health journey. We will work together to discover how often you will need to be seen.

Patients are treated with lifestyle intervention such as exercises, diet, juicing, and supplements proven to give you results.

Yes, we do well child and urgent appointments.

Our pricing has changed recently. It is $85 per well-child appointment, $62 for urgent appointments, $185 for adult appointments. For Functional Health Assessment it is $200 per visit. We do offer discounted packages for well-child appointments during the first year of life. 1st year of life packages are paid in full at time of purchase.

No, I am available by phone or Telehealth appointment but not for in office appointments.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays

No, I am a Family Nurse Practitioner offering Alternative medicine approach.

Paypal, zelle, visa, mastercard, debit/credit, debit HSA card

Please fill-out the intake via the link you will receive in your email right after scheduling your appointment. If you prefer to access the form another way please click the link on our website and download the forms and either fax or bring them to your appointment. Please also fax or bring an accurate list of your medications and supplements including the dose, frequency, and indication for each. For supplements it is helpful to have the brand name as well.